Monday, March 7, 2011

Brandon's First T-Girl Pt.1

It is Wednesday afternoon and Brandon Santiago, a fine tall and sexy Puerto Rican,  is home in his apartment surfing the net looking to release some sexual tension. So he logs on to his favorite social networking site “Local Hook Ups” and starts his hunt for sexual satisfaction. He browses through profiles looking for new girls to bed, ones he hadn’t had before. Brandon is known to his friends as the “Pussy Slayer” because of all the women he has been through. If you saw Brandon, I am sure you wouldn’t resist him either, standing at 6’3”, 190 pounds of solid muscle and beautiful bronze skin, short curly black hair with penetrating green eyes and a nice thick 9 ½ inch dick. Brandon was definitely a wet dream.
        So after browsing for about 30 minutes or so, he came across the profile of Trina Baddest, and she was definitely bad. She was a pretty black girl, with long flowing hair, nice 36c breast, slim waist and a round juicy booty. You’d swear she was a video vixen. Brandon was instantly fixed on her. So they started emailing each other back and forth, flirting each other into a wild frenzy. Finally they exchanged numbers and decided to meet later that night. Brandon’s dick throbbed at the thought of hitting that ass. He already new every position he wanted to get it in. The more he thought about it the harder his dick got and decided to stroke while looking at her pictures. He took off his white beater showing off his well defined chest and abs and removed his trapped snake from its cage in his basketball shorts. As he started to massage his dick he grabbed some baby oil from the drawer of his desk and anointed his hard dick in a nice glaze of it. He slowly began to stroke himself full length from the base to the sensitive tip. Every now and again he'd rub his balls as he jacked his 9 ½ in monster. Moans began to escape his full lips as the pressure built up in his loins. He started to stroke feverishly as his orgasm came to a head. With a loud groan of pleasure and ecstasy he threw he head back and started to shoot out thick ropey spurts of cum all over his perfect abs. His climax lasted a wonderful five minutes with his dick still jerking and spitting his seed onto his stomach.
        After his orgasm subsided, Brandon got up and went into bathroom to take a hot steamy shower. With the water running, he stepped into the shower to be met with the streams of hot water hitting his sculptured body. He grabbed his towel and body wash and started to lather his body in soap, starting with his chest and then down to his cum covered stomach and then to his hairy crotch. After his body was completely covered in soap, he stepped under streams of water and the soap begin rinse off of his body in rivers of white suds revealing his bronze physique. He turned off the water and grabbed his towel and dried off. He decided to put some clothes on and go to the liquor store to grab a bottle of Moscato for later that night.
        Meanwhile, Trina Baddest, better known as Keri Johnson, was excited and nervous about her date later that night. Keri is a passable pre-op transsexual standing at 5’8”, 150 lbs, 36C breast, slim waist, juicy round booty, intriguing hazel eyes and long dark brown flowing hair. Keri has been transitioning since the age of 16 and now at the age of 24 is a beautiful woman with a little something extra.  She failed to mention to Brandon, her date for later that night, that she was a transsexual and it made her really nervous not knowing how he would react. She wanted to call him and tell him, but really wanted to meet him at the same time. With her mind racing, she began to get ready for that night. She went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a black lace bra and matching thong panties to wear under her lace see through teddy. She also grabbed some thigh high stockings to go along with it. And to finish the outfit, she chose a pair of six-inch stilettos that would make any man go crazy, in hopes that it would help her case later that night.
        After getting her outfit together, Keri began to set the mood in the apartment by turning on some slow jams, placing candles all around and leading into the bedroom. Last but not least she lit some “Jamaican Love” aromatherapy incense to complete the mood. She hopped in the shower to get freshened up and dressed. The finished product was flawless, but butterflies fluttered in her stomach awaiting Brandon’s arrival.

To be continued…

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