Friday, March 25, 2011

Brandon's First T-Girl Pt.3


        Slowly Keri removed Brandon’s dick from her mouth and sat back beside him savoring the remnants of his seed on her tongue. Brandon was very beside himself and quietly thinking about Keri’s head game. It was really on point and had to be the best blowjob he has ever had. No female had ever sucked him to completion or even let him cum in their mouths. He was blown away and began to be curious for more. He wanted to see what else Keri had up her sleeve. Keri was in her own little world hoping this wouldn’t be the last time they got together and really wanted to taste more of him in the very near future.
        Lost in his lust, Brandon absent mindedly leaned over, and started kissing Keri passionately on her soft, plump lips catching her off guard. She quickly regained herself and kissed back. She pulled him over on top of her, between her legs. He started to grind slowly into her, making her moan in between kisses. Brandon slowly kissed his way down to her supple breast, freeing them one at a time to bathe them with his talented tongue. Sucking and lightly biting her nipples, sending electrical pulses throughout her body. He slowly made he way back up to neck and sweet lips, resuming his grinding. Somehow they ended up with Keri in Brandon’s lap kissing. They began to slowly remove clothes starting with Brandon's shirt and Keri’s see-through teddy. Slowly Keri made her way back down his chest leaving a trail of kisses until she was once again face to face with his dick.  
        She slowly engulfed his throbbing hard-on inch by inch, swiping her tongue across the sensitive underbelly. Looking directly up into his eyes, she sucked feverishly at the head attempting to draw out some sweet drops of precum. After succeeding she dove back down into his crotch, plugging her throat with the full thickness of his dick.  She churned his dick in her throat and slowly rose for air and then back down on it making him gasp and clench locks of her hair.  Keri got up and grabbed him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. She climbed into the bed and lay on her back.
        By this time, Brandon was naked and Keri only had her panties on. She was nervous about removing them, not wanting to run him off, but she knew eventually they would have to come off. “Come here baby. I want you to feed me that dick.” she said signaling him to straddle her mid section. Brandon got into position, looking down at her beautiful face, and began to guide his meaty stick towards her puckered lips. He stroked her mouth slow with building velocity until he was banging in and out of her throat constantly. Not wanting to lose his load by oral for the second time, because he felt it soon approaching, he yanked he dick from her sucking mouth. He maneuvered her to her hands and knees in doggy-style. He had eaten plenty of pussy in his life, but had yet to ‘toss’ a girl’s salad. He wanted to please her orally like every other girl he had been with, but didn’t know exactly how.
        “Just eat it like you would a pussy,” Keri said sensing his hesitation. So Brandon pulled her panties down, just beneath her asshole, not wanting to see her dick and balls. That would be just a little too much and he wasn’t ready to see that yet. He slowly lowered himself until he was facing her smooth, tight hole. After taking a deep breath, he began to lick at her hole with swipes of his tongue.  Hearing her moan, made him really start licking and sucking at her hot orifice, darting his tongue in and out and slurping the juices. He ate her ass with the same intensity for close to an hour. He loved the way she tasted and couldn’t wait to see how she felt. Keri felt like so feminine and authentic as he savored her hole like it was dipped in chocolate pudding. Keri was so turned on and ready for him to fuck her. She loved getting fucked by straight men because they weren’t worried about if they were pounding too hard or if they were going too deep. She wanted every inch stroked in and out of her ass.
        Without warning, Brandon pulled his mouth away from her hole and replaced it with his dick, grinding it between her ass cheeks. He teased her for a little bit and then began shove inch by inch into her warm and wet depths. He liked how her ass gripped his dick, trying to rob his balls of their juice. “Ayeee,” Keri moaned as she felt he fill her totally with every inch of his phallus. She could feel every vein in his dick as he slid his member skillfully in and out of her. Automatically, she arched her back and pushed back to meet every thrust. Brandon couldn’t believe how soft, velvety and tight her ass was. To him it felt like he was fucking a virgin with the way her ass hugged snuggly around his dick. He knew he was going to have to pace himself to keep from cumming prematurely. Leaning over her back as he stroked her ass-pussy, he began to kiss and lick her back, tweaking her hard nipples. Keri felt totally engulfed in pleasure passion. They changed into a side lying position, never breaking contact.
        Brandon turned Keri’s head towards him and began to kiss her long and deep, feeling her moans escape into his mouth. The more she moaned, the harder and deeper he stroked until her moans turned to gasps. He knew he was putting it down. He continued to hammer into her with long strokes as he slid her panties off, caught in the moment. Changing to missionary position, he didn’t miss a stroke, pushing her knees to the sides of her breast. He pounded her hard looking into her eyes and trying not to look down. Something about Keri’s eyes sparked him to fuck faster feeling his orgasm coming to a head. Keri knew he was about to cum and tightened her ass around his dick milking it with every stroke. Doing this, made his dick hit her g spot and making her shoot a load all over her stomach without touching herself. When she started to cum, Brandon felt her tighten even more around his dick, bringing the cum straight out of his dick. He pulled out and began to stroke his orgasm all over her belly. They moaned in ecstasy together as he collapsed atop of her, breathing heavily.
        To be continued…

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